Currently focusing on:

As the Associate Director of the Computer Vision Center, supporting actions for research and technology transfer in the context of the Catalan Computer Vision Alliance, Spain and EU.

Participating in the co-designing of actions for Ecosystem Development, Capacity Building and AI Labs within the Catalan Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) for AI, CIDAI.

Coordinating the Series of Workshops on “AI, Ethics and Citizen Engagement” for addressing awareness and social impact on AI.

Co-designing and moderating the COVID-19 Webinar Series on How Living Labs can help tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic

Contributing to community development and design of a brand new Capacity Building Program in Open Innovation and Living Labs at the European Network of Living Labs ENoLL

Coordinating of the Action Oriented Task Force on Social Impact of AI at ENoLL: A community of doers unveiling the different dimensions of the impact of AI in our current and future life.


Playing Bossa Nova a lot

Studying Heraldic: Blazoning is the art of describing the coats of arms. Never-ending fun when you are around visiting our cultural heritage.